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5 Thing You Should Keep As Secret From Your Partner | Do You Agree?

Every relationship should be built on honesty and trust, but some things about our past lives are corpse best left under the earth. You exhume them and you cause nuisance to the whole environment. In our attempt to be plain to our loved ones, we shouldn't be stupid into falling into traps no one but ourselves create. These things are what we thing you shouldn't disclose to your partner no matter how much you love them. Comment & share if you agree with at least three of them. Deal? Deal! 

1. Your Crush: 
Being genuinely in love with a man or woman does not magically take away the inclination to be attracted or to fall in love with other people, especially in a digital world with celebrity pictures in the length & breadth of the Internet. So if you find yourself tripping for some other person, it may be too much information for your partner. Just keep the admiration to yourself & be cool.

2. Interest in your Ex/First love:
Denying this fact won't do us any good. The worst relationship to get over after breakup is one with our first loves. I still love my first love to the extent that if she surfaces today, i'm sorry to admit it: things will  change. Aside the first love issue too, we have had to date some people in our lives that we end up discontinuing the relationship but deep down, it is impossible to stop loving them. But telling this to your present lover is suicide. Not everyone has a mind so vast and understanding, don't even try it with the jealous type. So the best is to keep the hidden love hidden, for  your own good.

3. Your sex life: 
For real, not many boyfriends/girlfriends want to hear the step by step narration and graphic details of how you had sex in a bathroom stall, at the mall, by the bedside, on the kitchen table and all with your ex or some random persons you have come across. It's deadly.

4. Your body count:
As we already discussed in detail here, for the ladies, only your doctor and gynecologist deserve this information. 

5. Whoever crushes on you:
Really, this is literally opening the door for problems no one wants. Here’s the thing about revealing this information – you put your partner in a position to have his imagination roam and become paranoid. They begin to suspect and doubt you. Any encounter they have with you and the person, they go nut. We are all human and it is sometimes impossible containing the feelings that someone somewhere wants what we have. Some overprotective type may end up harming the person, just to keep what's theirs. & mind you, everything bounces back on you. 

Do you agree with any of this? Drop a comment...