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Diary of an Orisa by Mariam Ayoife Olajide (cont)


Gathering my wits around me,I slowly descended from the bed and made my way to the door treading ever so gently like a mischievous cat.
I got the feeling that my Aunt hasn't gone to work yet,probably in the kitchen preparing amala dudu and ewedu and fish stew as usual.who knows,she might be thinking I purposely stayed back in the room to avoid helping her out.

Turning the door knob,I stepped out of the room and holding the wall for support,I went straight through the hall,turned left and stepped into the living room.
I had no time to check my surrounding and compose myself,I stared into the face of my Aunt, she sat cross legged on the same chair grandpa had sat on before he had died..of cancer I was told.

Suddenly,I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end,she was real creepy to me right now, I see no reason why anyone should leave such settee in the house talk more of to sit on it.well,he was her dad,I heard they were real close.

Bending my knees halfway to the ground,I greeted her.
"Ekaasun ma'.
 She kept on staring at me..'kaasun Sade,bawo nii'?
Pheww,how relieved I felt,'fine ma,eese ma'.

I moved to the chair backing the bar section,I felt her eyes on me all the way.well,I'll sit here till she tells me what to do next which will take forever anyway.

Aunt Taiye picked up her smartphone and started browsing,I guess.
Before long,she stood up and with determined steps as usual,she drifted to the kitchen,this is my chance,I thought and followed her.
Pretending not to notice me,she brought out vegetables from the fridge and took a tray before adding a knife and a small bowl to it.
Quickly,I stretched out my hands and collected the tray..she said not to worry but that actually meant 'is it just now that you suppose to collect the tray'?

Well,I understand her a lot and I try as much as possible to stay off her 'mood swing zone',balancing the tray on the dinning table,I started sorting through the veggies,putting the bad ones aside and slicing the good ones.I could hear her moving around in the kitchen,before long,I could smell the scent of goat meat cooking.

I take hours to slice vegetables at home for they have to be so slim if not,they won't go down my tiny throat,but since I stopped living with my parents,bless their hearts,I have been smarter in all i do.taking the sliced vegetables to the kitchen,I dropped the bowl on the microwave and got a "oshe my dear".
In my Aunt's dictionary,she seem to have learnt those two terms at heart.

Since there was nothing left to do till the meat and the mixture of pepper,tomatoes and onions boil,I backed out of the kitchen,just in time to see my Aunt clean her wet hands with the napkin she only uses.
I went back into the room and decided to go out of the house,maybe a little walk will clear my head.
Telling my Aunt that I needed to stroll,I left the house and her formidable presence and out of the gates.

Then I saw my cousins in their Regalia's coming back from ile keu.
Subomi saw me first,he screamed and called out my name 'Aunt Sade' before running into my arms..I had to smile at that for Subomi is like a goblin to my soul,he's so naughty and spoilt and small you wouldn't even know where to slap on his body when he misbehaves.
Come to think of it,I don't remember seeing him yesterday when I arrived.

I threw him up in the air and he laughed excitedly..I think he enjoys this even at six years old.
The bigger boys,starting from the youngest,Jamal,Taiye and Seun trudge not too fast and not too slowly my way,I think I treat their fuckups too much and they are probably sad that I'm awake..oh,how wrong was I!
They all hugged me and we laughed heartily, they kept on calling my name as they held my hands.I smiled.really,guys don't keep malice for long..I smiled slowly as I remembered the way I punished them all the last time I was here,I have a lot to learn still,like having to be nice and tolerating.

Forcing Jamal to take their tiras home,they all followed me.
But as we approached the major road that leads to testing ground,I could hear Jamal calling out to us to wait for him.

I enjoy my cousins sometimes,life would've been boring without them.

Quote;No matter where you go,there you are.