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Epistle To The Boys: Drug Abuse

When we were growing up in the street of Aba,  if we want to get high, we would gather under one big tree in our street then, gather some empty Milo tins and empty custard buckets and arrange them accordingly. We are usually  many in number especially when schools were on vacation, very annoying children. We would start singing and beating out the morning or afternoon glees into our burning desires. Things were super good then.  We never knew anything called drugs that makes people get high or how it feels like taking them. Now,  boys take drugs beyond prescriptions just to get high on thoughts and actions.  Just to get high temporarily  and later go back to their problems after. Why would you want to destroy your life with what won't last longer than a day?  What profit do you stand to derive from taking drugs that would end up demaging your real self and esteem then give you a fake life?

Let no drug define who you are, let no pill direct your footsteps nor print a home for you to misbehave in such a manner that people would wave their head in pity. You own your life and drugs does not.  You own your own body and you are the person to know what and what you want to put into it. What you drink or add to your life matters,  dear boys.
Research in Psychiatric Centres have revealed Some of the Substances Our Youths now take which sometimes makes them go mad. And this is very disheartening because it has no gain in it. Codeine is very dangerous to your body. Tramadol is a killer.  It weakens your body and makes you loose yourself.  Many youths of these days have ended up their life taking these things: Dry pawpaw leaves, Urine from HIV patients on Antiretroviral drugs, Burnt bitumen, Dry plantain leaves, Burnt tyres, Sniffing through the hole of a pit toilet, Dry faeces, Spirogyra, Rephnol, Methylated spirit in codeine, all these are not good for your body. And all these drugs cannot make you feel alright. It will only take those pains out for a minutes or two and you will return to your normal self.  Keep away from drugs, it has killed many people and still killing many young people today. I don't even know if it is girls or boys that are more on drugs now, I can't just say but which ever way... Keep yourself away from it.

You only harm yourself the more you take it.
Teenagers often experiment with a variety of activities and substances. Unfortunately, this experimentation can lead to substance abuse and addiction. Statistics show that drug abuse is a growing problem among teens. In addition to cocaine, Ecstasy and other club drugs, a recent Monitoring the Future Study showed that the top six most abused drugs by teens are: marijuana (31.5%), Vicodin (9.7%), amphetamines (8.1%), cough medicine (6.9%), sedatives & tranquilizers (6.6% each). Without treatment, the effects of drug abuse on teens can lead to serious consequences now and well into adulthood. (Casa Palmera) .

There are many symptoms of drug abuse among the youths of nowadays, boys but some of the most common signs are: Problems with the law, such as DUI, breaking curfew, stealing,  Problems at school, excessive tardiness, poor grades, suspension,  Mood swings, Loss of interest in favorite activities, Drug paraphernalia, Violent behavior, Withdrawal,  Depression; Poor hygiene and so many other things.

If you are already into drug, please find a rehabilitation centers to get yourself out of it before you damage yourself totally. Don't be ashamed about it. The fact your grand father smoked till he was 90 years before he died does not mean that when you smoke you will last till that 90 years.  We are different, different faces with different destinies and fate.  Every Mallam with their kettles,  Be yourself, boys. Leave drugs alone and live your life to its fullness.  We shall see next as the weeks and days roll by. In all mind the  people you spend your time with. With or without your presence, the world still move on.

©John Chizoba Vincent