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Lonely Man With No Promises | Poetry by Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu


My heart is made of glasses
In it, I drenched my lonesomeness
Ready to cut you in pieces
With rage of celibacy

Sometimes my shadow
Becomes my only companion
In it, I see me clearly
Hanging on to the wallow

I onced watched at a glance
In my dream, Poured libation
Swimming across the ocean
And gathering pawn at dawn

Sometimes I don't know
If I should blame Maa'mi
Or blame Baa'ami
That I'm alone
Like bank money

I met a miss
She bluffed me a kiss
I took the drug of sorrow
And hid in the sands of time

Love is a drug
Sold by those whose hearts are
Made of stones, ready to break my heart made of daises and glasses
Traded on the stock of loneliness

Maa'mi says time will heal me
She told a beautiful lie
The type that raised Jesus
When the clock stopped reading

Maa'mi told me to live freely
Like a rich man Pri -ck - In
Because soon and very soon
God shall be without a faith
But the world dies abruptly
And buried my melancholy.


Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu is a writer, Poet, Digital Marketer and a Laptop Specialist. He writes from Lagos,Nigeria.