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Monday Morning Inspiration: Why you should never judge a fellow man

I was at the market one day, at our stall helping my mum with sales when this chronic mad man ran past like lightening. But then, I'm this guy who doesn't like watching wahala talkess of being in one. So i kuku carry my bench inside.

Few seconds later, i began hearing someone shouting "wèrè ni, emu, wèrè, emaje kolo, emu (he's mad, don't let him loose, hold am, hold am...)

& lo and behold, as i fell into temptation and raised my head small to see wakanda, it was another mad man o. Even, according to the hierarchy of lunacy in my town, this man was the Rector. I laugh that dey no be small.

Now this is exactly the scenerio you're painting when you judge other people based on how they choose to live their lives. You don't know what they have been through. You don't know shit about them. So you either talk to them in peace & respect or shut the fuck up.

Who knows, you might be worse!