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Mosobalaje M. Abimbola writes open letter to tagged sexual hypocrites

Dear One tagged sexual hypocrite,

The hullabaloo of social media about sex, sexists and other related issues, certainly trots your media domain. However, you shouldn’t lose yourself to the pressures. If your sexual purity does not pressurizes ‘them’ to keep themselves, ‘theirs’ shouldn’t affect yours.

You still must remind yourself, that you chose what you are. Happy is the man who chooses to be responsible for his actions.

While many people ramble about morality, they tend to ignore the truism that, the keeping of one’s body as one’s god is also a part of the morality. Hence, they exalt other things that are more visible, relatable to the environment and others, but mute about self.

For some, who are silent about their (clean slate) sexuality, they are not silent because they are impotent. It is not because they don’t have sexual fantasies and urge. In fact, it is one of the things that make us human.

However, we have only chosen to silent our demons. Bringing our lusts to the alter of discipline and purpose (in the sexual regard).

If someone is proud about his/her sexuality, bedmatics* skills and prowess. You should have more reason to be proud of your denial for the urge. You weren’t pressurized. You chose what you want.
While we read posts daily about sexuality and the fantasy, sex scandals and the way an average human raises sexual atrocities as flags, we still choose to maintain our sanity.

Why don’t we talk about our sexual purity on social media? Why should we? While many have carved homes out of the digital space, there are many things about their lives and reality that they can’t hang on this wall, as picture frames.

That you are silent about your sexual struggle over the urges and peer cum social media pressure does not make you a hypocrite.

That you have chosen to be indifferent with the noises here and there does not make you a hypocrite.
You admit your feelings to yourself. You choose to divert your attention to other things to overcome vain imaginations. That does not make you a hypocrite. People don’t do that for sexual matters alone. Some do the same to numb pains. Some do the same to keep memories locked away. It makes no one a hypocrite.

You should understand and get convinced, that your ‘keeping’ does not attract the evil, which many tag the wrath of God. By now, you should know that love preserves more than anger would.
Hence, the love of God is what assures our heart of doing the right thing. He recreated us in the likeness of His image and gave us the fullness of His nature of righteousness.

He has created us unto the good pleasure of His will. He didn’t save us so that he can destroy us. We choose to act right because he created us right.

Always remember, happy is the man who is proud about his choices.

Don’t get swirled.