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#Women_Gat_Balls Poetry Challenge II | Vote Your First Female President Now

Today, I have the ever-energetic Zainab Ayobami Odugbemi & the alluring Malik Timilehin Barakat.

Every revolution begins with an idea. But bringing the lay down plan into manifestation requires exploit: sweat, blood, fortune, and most times, lives— sacrifices, for good cause. What has never happened before will happen someday, & we can only rewrite fate, we can’t stop it. This is why these two elegant and fearless ladies have brought to you an idea well fine-tuned into a feasible revolution. Either of them will become the first female president of Nigeria. You help us decide!

I hereby besiege you to bury every iota of carelessness and nonchalance where the sun doesn’t shine. I need you to read the two poems, and as a patriotic Nigerian; always on the lookout for what befits your country, vote whoever convinces you into believing, indeed, Women Gat Balls.

I anticipate your critics, and believe me, they count. People keep record, and you will be remembered, for good. Thank you,

Task: As a presidential aspirant in the 2019 general election, write a poem of not more than 30 lines as a campaign speech, convincing Nigerians why they need you (their first female leader).


Dear Nigerians!!
Do not think I am only a woman:
who finds joy and solace in the four corners of her kitchen and the other room.
Whose major aim in life is only to bring forth nations.
Just, know that I am a woman:
Who sees serving humanity as the oxygen that brings life into her own body to survive the harsh air she breathes.
Who sees more positivities in the ruling of all kinds but, distinct in her kinds

Dear Nigerians!!
Permit me to fight together with you against:
The spirit of cultural and political stereotypes.
The masquerade behind corruption which was given birth as a result of desperation.
The battle of favoritism, tribalism­ and nepotism.
The Judas Iscariots, who betrays their country after being kept shut with chicken feeds.

Dear Nigerians!!
Why not allow:
Hi(s)tory be suspended like a child whose account has been frozen as a result of illegal Actitudes and
Let Herstory be created, established and published at least once in the spirit of solidarity.
Me!! to spend most of my precious time fighting ills and oppressions, correcting bad opinions and promoting my country's affairs in positivity around and round the continents as a whole.

Dear Nigerians!!
My acts and heart as a woman is more unique compared to other women just like the uniqueness of the peacock's feathers among birds.
My mode of operation would not be anyways compared to anyone's reign,
Because, my reign will be the most dynamic one during my time and after my time,
A reign that won't bring down the rains or showers of negativities rather than positivities.

Dear Nigerians!!
Let's not forget that it is only a sound human that can only be connected to mental appeal in this aspect
Than us limiting it to gender.
I promise to discharge my duties as laid by the constitution and will represent you well like a woman who got wooed, wedded and watches what she wears after marriage.

For women are not just inhabitants of the kitchen,

they can do better what any man can do,
Not just mixing the butter to batter
but make a big cake for the country's sake.

We're mothers who do not indulge in murders,
We do not watch our son toil hard in the sun to sing a song sung earlier by late sons.

We have got milk and honey in our chests,
Ready to oil the rusted crests.

Blood and tears have flown in our lands truncating milk and honey, Milk gone sour & they're still drunk in power,
Honey tasteless and toil of the youth fruitless,
Nigeria wake up from these rodly beings, who as hard as rock, rapes you, everyday of your fortunes.

We're the ones with the flappy wings who do not unclip without feeling first, and not, The rodly ones in their ungodly assembly —
Let us erase the horny-for-money who fill our headlines every morning.

Mother never runs to the neighbors next door after father batters, because it is the beginning of destruction
but our leaders run shamelessly to the white ones
whose colour isn't a reflection of their hearts.

Do not underrate us because we bear wo-man,
Do not think we are a derivative of man,
Wo-man exclusively means WOrld of MAN,
Why don't you let us rule this world?

Father does not lie with the same mouth he chews kolanut,
He always said, "behind a successful man, there's always a woman" — Now, we do not want to be the beautiful secretary that drafts the Governor's speech, We want to use our strategies and present them firsthand.

Women are not the likes of Atiku,
They aren't the cause why you read articles in different languages.

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