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You Are Not Under Pressure


You Are Not Under Pressure

Just before 2010 African Cup of Nation began,  some journalists interviewing Nigeria's greatest football export and soccer legend, Nwankwo Kanu sarcastically asked him: "How do you feel as a striker not to have scored in four Nations Cup?". He gave them a tacit intelligent answer that left them shamed : "I am not under pressure". They wanted to pressurize him and extract words of desperation and signs of frustration from him in order to scandalize and generate a big headline off his name but got nada.  Many have danced to pressure and fallen to failure. Many professionals and businesses have lost out trying to cope with the herd pressure of keeping up with the trend to impress when they are supposed to concentrate on themselves first.  Are you under some external pressure about to break you down and causing you to lose your mind?  Don't forget you are still the owner of yourself.  It may be  time to activate your pressure relief valve.

"When are you going to get married?", is a pressure inducing question that has driven many young people in to irreversible troubles.  Recently I heard of a girl who out of frustration drank a substance due to persistent pressures from  family and friends to get married.  Many have taken to crime and jumped the gun in some other unethical ways just to be able to meet up with the pressure.  There many top CEO's,  managers,  and even supposed moral custodians who take drugs or even consult men of the underworld to help them keep up with the pressure and demands of their offices.  This has led some to prison and Harakiri. Many politicians are inherently not as corrupt as many think but from the pressure without. Yes, external pressure not internal pressure is what is driving most to failure.  A few people claim to work best under pressure but hardly goes one get excellent results under a tensed and disorganized mind.  Kanu Nwankwo never scored in 5 Nations Cup he played in but orchestrated most of the victories and changed games.  He simply knew his rhythms is not that of the DJ.

Contrary to the staccato of violence and deafening fusillades during wars,  the War Room, where commanders plan and map out strategies even in war zones is about the most quiet place one can find himself as it's hermetically sealed from the noises,  pressures,  and worries of the outside world so people inside can concentrate and map out insightful strategies less they make fatal mistakes that will cost them thousands of lives including theirs if they allow the pressure outside to interfere with their thought process.  When an oil well is not producing enough volume of production fluid,  instead of pressurizing from outside with some rotating equipment induced pressure,  it is most often best allowed to rest for some time with all the valves and vents of the wellhead called Christmas Tree locked such that not a single noise is heard; a process called Shut-In. After the shut in period,  once the well resumes operation,  it produces enough barrels per day to expectation. It may be time to let yourself Shut-In  from outside pressure and regain your strength from deep within.
Good morning and have a blissful Friday regaining yourself, building up strength, and finding your rhythm to the top.

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