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10 Lines From "Against All Odds" by TRNSXT That Takes The Listener To Heaven & Back

Sounds are all around us, from birds chirping and waves lapping against a coastline to cars honking in traffic. But sometimes sounds are put together in purposeful ways to create a specific atmosphere or to express ideas or emotions. Such organized sounds are called music.

All music tends to share certain characteristics. Most includes, like: melody, harmony and rhythm. Music is essential to many of our lives. We listen to it when waking up, while in transit, at work, and with our friends. For many, music is like a constant companion. It can bring us joy and motivate us, accompany us through difficult times, and alleviate our worries.

This song by the duo: J Ice & i'Dera, is much more than mere entertainment. It's filled to the brim with blissful, strong, strict, & adherence MESSAGE. It tells us that, getting to a particular destination, requires not laziness. It takes focus, diligent, patience, & action before someone could achieve something in life. Well, this song has gift us pleasant words on such case. I think this song, Against All Odds, came in a right way, because these are the songs we needed at this moment; to strengthen the heart of the youth, & any necessary person in need. 

'The harder you fall, the higher you bounce' - excerpted from a line in the song. 

The line got me, it opens my inner eyes & heart to really see what life seems to be. Falling doesn't mean the end of life, but when we keep up to still achieve it; we can never be separated from success only when we have a second Negative. Plan right. Plan for more. Plan & make it possible. Nothing is impossible. Nobody could hold you back. Only if you're still.

Even though we are constantly exposed to music in our daily lives, I mean, different sorts of music that tend to diverse us into something not worth listening to, or maybe noise. We rarely listen to songs like this, that keep our hearts, & give us a powerful MESSAGE. All we listen to is, crazy jazz, streets pop, & lots of inconvince sounds. This is not just entertainment, it's a MESSAGE!

This brings ACEworld to highlight 10 powerful strong and inspiring lines from the track:

  1.  As the picture gets clearer, I discovered I needed a frame much bigger than the usual.
  2. The harder you fall, the higher you bounce, yeah I think I'm just lucky to survive the pounce.
  3. Life's a bitch & i'm making dexterous use of my endowment.
  4. Against all odds, & I am still out there banging for more.
  5. Much better it is to stay lonely than to be surrounded by folly.
  6. My friends always treat me like God. They ignore my existence, they only halla at me whenever they need help.
  7. But i'm doing me, it's nothing. All the while still scheming up something.
  8. Somewhere in the league of legends, we don already got a spot.
  9. We know life isn't fair but there are compensations.
  10. If you can't beat them, then arrange to get them beaten.

It's evident in the tones of songs being product of the Nigerian music industry these days that song writers lose the wit of their lyrics at the expense of rhyme. But nevertheless, even as much as delivery matter's, it isn't a necessary evil. And to keep that in check, the duo, TRNSXT, has set the pace for a lifetime revolution with a tune rich in melody with brilliant dictions. The delivery fluid enough to set the mind back on track, and indeed on motion.

We don't know what we have got until we lose it, but we don't also know what we have been missing until they arrive. There is only one song missing on your playlist right now.

It's Against All Odds by TRNSXT (J Ice & I'Dera), and here it is, at the tip of your finger.

Written by Adeniran Joseph
Editor at ACEworld

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