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FIFA To Limit Loaning Out of Players

FIFA is planning to make changes to the international transfers rules that would limit player loans and create a clearing house to handle agents fees, Sky Sports News understands.

FIFA reportedly wants to limit to the number of players one club can lend each season to between six and eight.

The aim would be to stop clubs, particularly in England and Italy, signing large numbers of players and loaning them out immediately.

Last season, Chelsea had 40 players out on loan. This season, Juventus have 25 players out on loan.

Another FIFA proposal would be to create a clearing house, managed by a bank, to handle the solidarity payments from transfer fees due to clubs that trained players in their youth systems.

This clearing house would also be responsible for handling payments to agents.

FIFA, which did away with agent licenses in 2015, is planning to reintroduce them with an exam.