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Free Book Alert: Acrimony; From The Psychologists Perspective (pdf)

After watching the movie, Acrimony, a lot of people would have a self-psychological debate on who's to blame. Sometimes the human mind becomes two opposing forces, each fighting for victory and this movie is one of the sure triggers of such.

In case you have not watched the movie, the author took the time to analyze in this eBook. This is the author's point of view on who's wrong and who's right.

The author, Eneji Stephen Toluwalashe, popularly known as Soul’e Rhymez; is regarded as the world’s finest thinker by his staunchest followers, but refers to himself as NOBODY. He is a Philosopher, Social Analyst, Lecturer, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur, whose several works have been published and read around the world.

You are required to post your view on the author's perspective after reading, whether you agree with him or not.

Download & Enjoy!