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How to involve parents in wedding planning

Parents can be a great source of support when planning a wedding, but finding the right role for everyone can be tricky.

Bride and parents  (Bra Perruci )

Wedding planning demands a lot. Its preparations can wrap you up like a whirlwind, only to set you down the day after to realize you haven’t thought about anyone but yourselves for months!

So today we’re taking a step back to think about your parents and how to make them feel included and special throughout the wedding planning phase. We have a few ideas you and your family will cherish for years to come. brings you ways to involve parents in wedding planning.

1. Ask for advice

Parents likely had a wedding of their own and have an experience that could guide you. Ask their advice about a problem or question in your wedding planning, and it instantly will instantly make your parents feel special and included. You don’t necessarily need to heed their advice, but do listen to what they have to say. If nothing else, having someone to process the problem with can help you see a solution you might not have previously.

2. Ask for help

Asking for help from parents might not seem too much of a right move but that could be a something they would love to jump unto to feel a part of your big day. They might be more than willing to help with those more unpleasant tasks, but consider asking them for meaningful help.

3. Bring them along

There are tons of visits you might have to make in your wedding planning – to the caterer, the venue, the dress store, the tux store. The list is long, which is great for this little tip. Bringing any of your parents along to one of these will give them a special place in the planning process.