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How To Tell If A Girl is Crushing On You | Three Major Tips To Note

Do you have a girl (friend) very close to you? 

Is she that friend, colleague, or classmate that usually calls you nicknames? 

Do you notice the way she smiles at you anytime you call/talk to her? 

Do you feel odd when you hang out with her? 

Or is she pegging closer to your hands while walking on the street with you as usual? 

Does she buy you things for free when you complain to her of being broke? 

Or are you confused about her personality? 

And do you really want to find out either she loves you or not? 

Yeah Bro, you have been missing a whole lot of sweet things about girls. Well, there is no perfect friendship that leads to a fruitful relationship when it comes to finding the right one that carries your heart desires. Either is it love or lust, today, I’ll feed you with some important tips that will rectify the confusion you’ve had towards her & the reason why you do not need to start chasing or pestering her unnecessarily. 

Sometimes, it is not easy to decode the type of symbols, gestures and light signs your crush could be passing or encoding emotionally to you. Many males have failed woefully all in the name of finding their crush. 

One of the major methods to detect if a girl is having a crush on you is know her TRAFFIC LIGHTS. 

Traffic lights, as cool as it, are used on roads to tackle traffic jams and cars being held up at one spot for hours. In the same approach, it can also be used to enlighten your knowledge on the need to fathom when a lady is unapproachable, waiting or wanting you, more than any other guy she has ever wanted so close. As easy as it sounds, RED means STOP, YELLOW means WAIT and GREEN means GO. This technique is the universal method in knowing who is crushing on you. You’ll have to follow these three useful Traffic light tips carefully, as it’ll guide you against her don’ts and dos, and also encourage you to accost her, when she’s deeply in love with you. 

Here are the three major tips: 


When lady is flashing her Red lights at you, she’s bound to reject whatever proposal or gestures, or measures you take towards her. At her red state, she’s unhanding and melancholic at anything you do to her. Her sadness and brokenness may result from her past relationships with men. If she has no intention to date you or have a chat with you, you’ll notice that whenever she greets you; she doesn’t bother to ask after how you are doing, feel and what you’re going through currently. 

Her spirit is always down and irksome around you, and there is no best way you can talk to her, rather, any other way makes her bile, loathful and undeserving towards you. She’s always serious, rather being jovial and gregarious with you. There’s no tendency that she’s thinking about you even when you buy her pretty things just to show how generous you’re to her. Your gifts will only entice her to become your friend, but it cannot buy you her heart. Also, she is bound to ignore your pestering messages, gestures and love motives. If you try too hard to please her, you will end up in her black books. There’s little or nothing you can do about it, except if she’s ready to forgo the past and accept you. It’ll take a whole lot of time; let’s say three to four years of unrelenting and adorable sacrifices to have her at all cost. Though, it is usually an invalid and unreliable decision to take. It’s much better, if you keep off. 


When a lady is flashing her Yellow lights at you, it means “I can still wait a meanwhile, till I heal”. At her yellow state, she treats you like a brother/father, and the relationship you have with her is referred to as: Brother to Sister, or Father to Daughter friendship. She gives you the privilege and medium to show how much you care, but doesn’t allow it to affect the emotions and feelings she has for you. She takes advice from you like a humble & patient dog ready to eat the fattest bone. 

She doesn’t tolerate the condition when you start pestering her for anything that doesn’t involve friendship and advice. 

Happily, she tells you a whole lot about her new crush, or her old boyfriend; the ones she will never tell her mother about. When she is sad, she comes to you to find comfort, healing and advice. You’re her comedian, her father, her supporter, her brother and her tear-wiper. 

At this state, anytime she wants to introduce you to her friends, she uses sweet pet names such as: honey pie, cupcake, sugar, honey bunny, and more sugar-coated names that can affect you with runny stomach more often, if they were all solid foods. 

However, if you get carried away by these sweet names, you will be ditched and thrown to the dungeon, and there is no two ways about it. If you eventually discovered this few emotions listed above with any girl you want to date, stay closer & straight to her. Psychology tells that in no certain time, she’ll read your inner thoughts and create a mental intercourse with you soon. You’re advised to keep her as a friend, for as long as she switches on her green lights. 


When a lady is flashing her Green lights at you, it secretly tells “come and have me handsome” silently. At this final state, she’s all over you like a hive of Bees chasing after their stolen honey pot; or like a butterfly sucking nectar. She will always square you up with series of different secretive signs and gestures, the ones she shows when you go private with her. Some of these signs are physically seen as: hands holding, shoulders leaning while talking, wearing your T-shirts, smiling uncontrollably when you say something funny, active calls, and having private chats. 

Some girls tend to break the feeling out to you, without having thinking it through for a night, maybe, when your unique gestures, your unrepentant smiles and your unintentional advocacy towards her personal well-being have handcuffed and held her to a point where she has no power over emotions. 

At this state, she is always lively and sheepishly smiling around you even if you compose boring or sexual jokes, she’ll still laugh out loud if she likes you a lot. 

If you can detect that easily, you can prank her, by saying “I do have feelings for you” amidst one of your silly jokes and see what her response will be. 

If she is in love with you, she’ll give you a direct answer just immediately, which is YES. 

If her face turns pale, looking like something in between emotionally happy and gob-smackingly annoyed, it means she’s only hiding you from the public; maybe from her friends or not sure how her parent will react when she says YES to you. 

Hell yeah! She is always like that; so protective and conscious over her feelings and emotions. 

At this state, if she is tending to give you any good reply any soon, after a few weeks of waiting, little by little, you’ll notice the self-adopted name she has cooked up from the old names she calls you often. If she is tending to give you any good reply any soon, after a few weeks of waiting, her conversations and greetings to you starts with: “Hi Dearest, or Hello sweetie or Hi handsome,” this means she’s spreading out her wings to fly with you. 

Typically loving ladies tend to adopt specific pet names for their lovers or crushes, because it makes their lovers unique and attractive to them. 

And If she starts ignoring your calls, greetings and text messages after a while, it tells you’re choking and stalking her unawares, and it’ll be no sooner had you known than she will switch on her “no go area” attitude towards you. 

When she says NO almost the same minute you throw a prank at her, it either you’re on the Red or Yellow light zones. Either ways, you can just tell her it’s a prank to save your head! 

In a nutshell, if you decipher these few crush-finding traffic light tips very well, 

it can help you to voice out your feelings to a lady very close to you, if you found her flashing the green lights at you. 

I recall, RED says stop, YELLOW says wait, while GREEN says shot your shoots. 

Written by Ifemeni Christian Derrick White 

No part of this article should be published without the writer’s circumspection.