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I slept with your dad, respect me as your mother, Sharon told Obado’s son

The late Sharon Otieno. [Source/Nairobi News]

Slain Rongo University student Sharon Otieno could not have been sleeping with both Governor Okoth Obado and his son Dan Achola, the family’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta has said.

Ombeta dismissed reports by a source close to the family that the murder of Sharon might have been informed by shame after it was revealed that father and son ate from the same cookie jar.

The source claimed Achola was the one who initially met Sharon and promised her to ensure she gets tenders within his father’s administration.

Their relationship blossomed until the bubbly girl met the governor, the source said.

“In fact, a few days before she met her death, Sharon had texted Obado’s son beseeching him to respect her as his mother now that she was carrying his father’s child,” Ombeta said as quoted by a weekly paper.