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Most Common Types of Scam in Nigeria

Nigeria is arguably the home of fraud; where wife dupes the husband, children steal from parents, teachers mismanage school properties and so on. Here is a list with brief explanation on the types of scams that exist in our dear country. You might have come across several of them.

Educational Scam: This is when a Lecturer tells you to buy an handout for #500 during lecture time. And the class rep says, "He cannur die untop una head" transforming it miraculously and optionally to #600. You feel it's too small. You call your parents and told them, the handout is sold at #1000. If you're doing this, God is watching you sha.

Political Scam: This is when your big bellied state politicians, give you their hearts and souls, after the bag of Rice they've shared, that you'll be the leaders of tomorrow. And they'll devise a 99 point Agenda (the ones their Godfathers haven't completed ooh) to eradicate poverty in your state. Up till now, your room is still as dark as coal. May God epp us.

Friendship Scam: Your pal steals your items, repackaged it and sells it to you, the same price you bought it from the market.

Marketing Scam: This is when you decided to pay a restaurant a visit, because of their adverts on social media, and how their food used to look sweet and delicious. You get there ordered one plate of Fufu and Oha soup for #2,500 and you discovered it is just the same way mama Ifok cooks her own, just that you're seeing the fufu one side smiling at you and the Oha soup is swimming another side. You taste it, and you're disappointed. You discovered as a man, you even Cook better. 

Higher Institution Scam: They'll ask you to pay #2,500 to register for post utme, and then you'll pay another #5000 to see your post utme result. They will charge you for clearance, after admission, social and environment fees nko, you'll pay, and other fees payable. Before you know it, breeze will be carrying you. 

To Be Continued...

Written by Ifemeni Christain Derrick White

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