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Osun State in Advance : Avow of Folk Tales

Two things are growing fast in Osun state of Nigeria. The first being politics, while the other, probability. At the coming state election, the question of fate would be resoluted, however, the fact remains election, a process of voting an old trick or a new dog, after going through an expiration of a concluding tenure cannot be swept under the carpet.Interest has to be checked to compare chances of the elected.

Politics being at half price of interest is flighty in the modern Osun state of Nigeria where its citizens get emboldened by the cost of decision and discrete of opinions. On the scale, politicians present themselves combative in the process of showing likenes, and sense of purpose and the others, vested with brittle or firm knowledge of political drive and management of authority, also push the queue with shift of belonging. With the avoidance of breakdown, as interesting politics, power and people can be, what contrastive "epoch-making" is grounded in dispensing political hywl. Would history write in it context a person or the party? At which point would propiety be applied on congent pivot of friction? And what are the dangers of perception?

I was birthed in Iwo of Osun state, a settlement which is now topped rank of the cities in the south western region of the country. My frequent visitation to the town had not only casted multi-functional reasons why for birth sake, and also democratic multiculturalism, the slogan " Land Of Virtue" must be adhered. In that, while over three millions inhabitants of Osun state of Nigeria awaits September 22, 2018, when a masterstroke of the people's interest would be considered, once in a four years, enough mass of lyric had been composed with people left to play the chorus.

Ahead of log-rolling, when people would occupy the pollen unit and exercise franchise, was the Independent National Electoral commission, assuring a credible election far from bribery and corruption, rigging and related offences. It is hardly believable if the occurrence during the Ekiti state gubernatorial election in 2018 would not pave it way in Osun state as ensured by INEC. A costly moment when people are easily tossed with two kilograms of golden penny wheat, needless ransom of money, promises unkempt and flexibly decisive. In the contrast, the Nigeria Police Force aptly demonstrated a portion of providing a secured electoral process in the presence of forty thousand police officers, eight commissioners, two helicopters, thirty each of an armoured personal carrier vans and patrol vehicles. Be that at it may, grounded preparation is yet on desk as it certainty is until when Osun inhabitants troop out on the election day to ascribe answers to who would take up the task.

Despite increase in the frequency of the people's opinion and oscillitated turn out of the people during the campaign go-a-fishing, what seems particularly about the absent-mindedness of the people is to pointedly juxtapose on the fair best of the gubernatorial candidates among who had practically exercised sustainable development, got a theoretical means of attending issues of mixed and diversified economy.

In advance, do not pray a dog eat dog, until then when a curate's egg is counted, let the cursive letters in the people's power, belonging to the poor and the rich be exercised intellectually and concerted efforts of jurisdiction be streamlined.

Remember the unfinished trial of the lawmaker, Timothy Owoeye, found in the open market taking a shower, is such which alongside unfeigned exploration, must be penalized. And as the wave storms, it is not wrong watching the watcher.

Aduwo Ayodele Gabriel is a journalist, writer and a content developer. He can best be reached via