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#OsunDecide2018, An Omen of What's to Come

Prior to the recent political plot of the All Progressive Congress which led to the payment of four month salary arrears in the state of Osun, APC’s Aregbesola was owing the citizens 29 months’ salary. You might want to ask why I called it a political plot, of course it is. It’s just an idea implemented in order to retain the party’s seat in the state. But I’m not here to debate the motive behind what has been done; I am simply here to open our eyes to what seems like a curse upon us all. The more I look at it, the more I think it’s nemesis catching up with us.

I have come to understand one thing about Nigerians, and that is our unwillingness to be free, wise & librated. A wise man once said that most times, people need to be taught how to be free. A human mind is a program, more like how the computer is engineered. There is no one step stop to solving problems, it all about algorithms. You don’t expect a man who has spent the whole of his childhood till he becomes an adult to live up to standard once given freedom; if he doesn’t enslave his subjects with brutality and inhumanness, then believe me, he will surely enslave himself. It’s hard to work away from what you know.

I'm not saying PDP or SDP is the messiah here but if the same party that owes you about two years salary (even the ones paid were half-months), treats you like illiterates & dollop-heads and renders you helpless could still come up with that number of votes, I think, in a nutshell, majority of Nigerians are indeed animals (forgive my language). Suffering should be our tag name. I know the miles the hardworking citizens of Osun go to make a living, I know what I, alongside my siblings went through during the last six years of Aregbesola’s reign, or isn’t it the man who neglected the government workers, knowing full well they are the first in the chain of money circulation in any society, focused his government on infrastructures or what do we call it and disrupted everything the state has ever built upon? 

Truly, vote is the voice of the people. But this, I mean this just collated votes from the Saturday inconclusive election in the State of Osun is the voice of the people who has lost their minds, people who don’t know what it is they want and what they don’t, people who has been chained to the rhythm of suffering and uneasiness. I mean people who are unrepentantly and obsessively addicted to bad governance.

But do we call this the tragedy? Of course not. PDP will do all they can to win SDP and other political parties over in the Thursday rerun of the gubernatorial election. But trust me, here is the real tragedy: if this could happen in Osun, then the non-Buari-extremists have no hope come 2019, the old man will still make it, once again. If after the years of distress, a citizen of the state of Osun could still bring themselves to cast their vote for the tyrannical political party; I think Nigerians as a whole haven’t had enough of Buari’s incompetence. And come 2019, it’s going to take just few minutes’ campaign speech to buy us over. We are naïve, and resilient to a fault.

Micheal Ace is a writer, journalist and editor, a native of Osun currently living in Ibadan, Nigeria. He is the founder of ACEworld.