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What Is Your Life Preaching?


What is Your Life Preaching?

She is from a very Catholic background of Itshekiri descent though her name and face passes her off as a Yoruba.  He is from a fiery Pentecostal family of Yoruba descent. There were strong resistive forces of tribal,  denominational and cultural differences by family and associates against their union but  true love  supersedes and they eventually got married. In deed love conquereth all things. But part of their agreement was for each to maintain their faiths while the children attend the man's church.  True love wins, as their marriage waxed stronger and grew younger everyday. 20years on,  they still played like children but her virtues were something else. Even though they are best of friends and had risen to the post of a Director at a federal regulatory agency, she humbly bends down to serve him his juice and seats on his leg even in the presence of visitors.  She was so good and thoughtful that one day, after 24years of marriage, before he was to relocate to the US,  the husband told family members and friends he was converting to Catholicism or whatever his wife's faith is because he had seen Christ in her and can no longer pretend in false pride with his conviction deepening. At his conversion ceremony in Lagos nearly everyone at her NAFDAC office, irrespective of religion or denomination was present because her virtues and pragmatic Christianity reached the heavens. They are now based in the US where she later joined him and are happier than ever.  Does the way you live your life preach your business,  professionalism,  values,  and faith?  Is your living giving mixed signals to your partner,  neighbours, and colleagues?  Does your living reflect your preaching?  Does the product quality match the advert?

Many people may never get to read the Bible or Quran but your life will tell them what is contain in it for them to believe or disregard your preaching.  Many people who collect advert fliers of your product may never get to read it but seeing it in action will tell them all about it.  If pictures are worth a million words,  actions are worth a gazillion words. Let the things you do and how you do them be the preaching and save the verbosity. When it comes to talking,  less is more.  Your colleague in the office, your fellow businessman,  your comrades at arm,  your subordinates,  your drivers and all know more about you than you possibly think. Every product instinctively markets or demarkets itself by its value.  Packaging can only win one temporary one-off attentions but values or lack of it will keep them coming or off. It's okay to blow your trumpet or boast but have something to earn the braggadocio. Few things are as boring and disgusting as being Janus faced in terns of one's talks and works.

Back in the North as kids,  when a person is talking too much, we simply tell him : "Ga fili, ga donki; ba dogon turenci", which meant, "there is the field and here is the donkey,  go prove it; we can't hear your too much grammar". If we spend as much time building content in our character,  profiles,  career,  business,  marriages, relationships, and truthfulness,  there will be more credibility than gullibility.  Start showing people how much you love them instead of telling them, "I love you ". Develop more empathetic and thoughtful manners in dealing with colleagues, partners, and family members then you will have no need to struggle in convincing anyone to believe you.  I was invited to join the Rotary Club earlier in the year but didn't know much about them but while searching them online,  I saw that the President of one of the districts near me located at Lekki peninsula is a very great and upright guy that's how I ended the probe.   If CJ is one of them then I can join them.  Can someone because of who you are join in buying or doing certain things because your living has preached it all?  What is your living preaching?  Good morning and have a great day living true to your purpose and beliefs in order to create strong leadership in your career,  business, and organization.

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