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What You Need To Know About The Late comedian & Presenter, Olugbenga Elijah Adeboye

We bring to you the late comedian, Presenter, Broadcaster, Poet, Songwriter and founder of FIBAN, Olugbenga Elijah ADEBOYE.

Olugbenga Adeboye was born on 30 September 1959 in Odeomu, Gbogan, Osun State. His parents were missionaries. 

He started his broadcasting career in 1980 as a freelance radio presenter for Radio Lagos where he commenced a popular a one hour Saturday programme on air, a programme he called Funwontan and later, Gbenga Adeboye in the mix and at the same time, Gbenga Adeboye in the house on OGBC. The programme was a chitchat that was filled with hilarious stories which he called Odu. 
Gbenga Adeboye was described as a creative presenter who broke norms and did things that other presenters had no favour of doing.

Consecutively, he recorded nine albums and put them together on cassette. Those albums led him into fame and earned him names such as, Funwontan, Abefe Jengbetiele, Alaye mi gbengulo....

Gbenga Adeboye was an activist, songwriter, classical musician, orator, in fact, a prophet, a comedian, and a creative entertainer, a pioneer of Stand-up Comedy in Nigeria. He was undoubtedly a soothsayer who installed back Democracy into the country through his jokes, songs and all his works on Radio.
As said by Mr Sulaimon Adegbenro (known as Consoli Gbadun) at the 14th year remembrance of his death, he described Gbenga Adeboye as 'a bundle of talent, intelligence and creativity. A mobile talk box, a budding music talent and showbiz impresario'

According to Consoli Gbadun, he said that the late presenter, Gbenga Adeboye laid a lot of legacies down and has influenced and still influencing many of today's broadcasters, especially those whose medium of communication is the Yoruba Language. His contributions in broadcasting is yet to be merged.
Gbenga Adeboye was the founder of the Freelance and Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria, (FIBAN) with support from other notable broadcasters like, Bashiru Adisa (Baba Gboin), Abbey Fagboro, Akeem Enudunjuyo, Ajide Olayinka, Fatai Adeniyi (Dan Kazeem) and Goke Babalola.

Olugbenga Elijah Adeboye, Funwontan Abefe Jengbetiele as he was known, passed on to the great beyond on the 30th of April 2003 and threw the whole entertainment industry into deep mourning. By dint of his fame and legacies, crowds trooped out in candle-lit procession all over the country.
He lived a life full of mysteries. Had all his achievements on Wednesdays. Born on Wednesdays. Was flown abroad on Wednesday. He died and resurrected after 6 hours of mourn, on a Wednesday. And died finally on Wednesday. Was buried on Wednesday.

He was survived by a wife, a divorcee and five children.

We are so-so-so proud to celebrate this Nigerian-Yoruba icon. May his iconic soul continue to rest...