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The Girl Whose Stars Hung In The Memory Of Pain And Agony, Poem by Adetayo Omotoyosi

(For Leah)

Life in the hands of Boko Haramites 

Is a basket full of both pain and agonies 

And chameleons that changes colour 

Where Sauntering lives in a confinement 

And your freedom is kept in your back pocket 

The wind blows hot like a boiling water 

The pain shine so bright like stars 

And the agonies are carved in a picture 

That cluster the memories of oppression 

Leah predicament is a testament to 

The failure of our disgruntled rulers 

Cum leaders, 

who find comfort in the pain 

Of pauper's and beggars and the Boko Haram 

Militants whose tongues wail by spilling the blood of innocents. 

Leah is a girl whose dreams has been 

Hijacked by the forces of darkness 

Her dreams walk stark naked in a lonely Street 

Looking for mask to cover it's face 

If Leah eyes could shoot gun 

I will use telescope to send my stomach to produce bullets 

And send my tongues to pull the trigger 

So it could shatter the brains of Boko Haram 

Foot Soldiers and sponsors. 

Leah, be rest assured that the rain carries your Freedom, and when it stops, the sun shall fight the rain to a standstill and free your freedom from the clutches of Pain and Agonies.