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We want justice for Ochanya Ogbanje, women groups protest in Plateau

Following the death of Ochanya Ogbanje in Benue State from vesicovagina fistula, VVF, as a result of sexual abuses, women groups in Plateau State, yesterday, staged a peaceful protest, pleading with relevant authorities to follow up the matter and ensure justice for the deceased.

The women called on persons that have gone through same experience or still going through same to speak out.

Among the women groups were the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, NAWOJ; International Federation of Female Lawyers, FIDA; Women for Women, He for She; Voice for the Girl-Child and 21 others.

Addressing the people at Secretariat Junction in Jos, Mildred Bako of Voice for the Girl-Child demanded the judiciary not to let down late Ochanya “a sacrificial lamb for several other voiceless girls in our communities.”

According to her, “the idea of rape or child sexual abuse by adults is degradation of our values as a people. We are gathered here to lend our voices as care givers, human rights activists, the media and advocates to the voiceless children.

“Ochanya, the 13-year-old lass who was allegedly molested sexually for five years by her guardian (and his son), ought to have protected her from such exploitation. We all demand justice for Ochanya against all odds.”

Others who also spoke, including Jennifer Yarima of NAWOJ; Jophia Gupar, Women for Women, He for She; Kyenpia Nyabam, CLAPAI among others, called on mothers to be vigilant, befriend their children and keep the communication lines open to encourage their children to quickly speak out if there is any abuse or situation which could lead to abuse.