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You are likely to win a lady if you approach her during this time

Unless a severe biological disruption occurred somewhere in the course of growing up, raging testosterone will always incite you into liking a lady, desiring her then eventually wanting her. Then you will approach her, and if your vibe is right for her, she accepts your charms.

However, if you were born without that particular part of the brain that is responsible for charming ladies, there’s a tried way in which you can use to increase your chances. It may not work all the time, but some have used to considerable success.

It is through approaching a lady when she’s just broken up with her boyfriend, and in need of man to move on quickly. It seems that a lady’s heart abhors a vacuum, arguably though.

You may be wondering how one can know when a lady is heartbroken. It is quite easy, especially with these technological advances. All she has to do is update her social media with philosophical quotes such as stronger alone, or in love with myself. You need to have a nose for such phrases that allude to a broken heart.

Its pretty much the same with a girl in distress, or stranded. She will always use a helping. Stories have been told of men who charmed stranded ladies in the city, offering them a place of refuge.

If your instincts are right, you just slide into the DM, whereby you launch your manifesto. If she agrees with it, then you're good to go