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Merely being bloated or a sign of urinary tract infection (UTI)?

Bloating is a term that is used rather too loosely.People feel bloated if they ate too much or drank too much soda or drinks.But bloating can be an actual symptoms of a medical issue like a urinary tract infection.You will know when bloating occurs because your lower abdomen will feel tighter,fuller,and more swollen.It could be easy to mistake this bloating for being just gas in your gut.But the difference here is that your bloating will not get reduced as quickly from a urinary tract infection as it would if it were gas.

Plus,the infection will cause a lot more pain than gas would.The best thing you can do at this moment is not do anything further to irritate your bloating.This means that you should not consume any food or drinks that would make your bloating worse.Stick to lighter foods and drink only water.
Probably,your bloating is not merely just a bloating,but an advanced level of UTI,you must do the following quick,especially if you're not entirely sure;

1.See a professional doctor

Failing to see your health care provider could also result in the delayed diagnosis of a more serious condition.UTI- like symptoms in the absence of bacteria can be caused by other conditions,such as vaginal infections,STDs,kidney stones,severe constipation, and vaginal atrophy.

2.Keep up your fluids

While visiting the bathroom every five minutes isn't exactly ideal,don't let it stop you from keeping up your water intake.
'When we are well hydrated,we urinate regularly,and the water cleans the walls (of the urinary tract) easily.It's like cleaning out a glass that  you had tomato juice in.If you just try to wipe off the glass without water,you can't be sure you cleaned off all the sides'.DeLucia,a gynecologist recommends.

3.Stay away from alcohol and coffee

A UTI is basically just a big ole fun-squasher.Doctors recommends you cut back completely on your coffee.Alcoholic intake,along with fuzzy drinks,acidic fruits,spicy foods and artificial sweeteners.
These things can act as an irritant to your UTI,and it's likened to putting salt on the wound.

4.Don't stop taking your antibiotics

When your urine finally stops burning,it's easy enough to think you should stop taking your antibiotics, this is a big mistake.
Take your treatment for as long,and as frequent as your doctor prescribed it for so it allows your body to completely eliminate said infection.If younstop the treatment too soon,the bacteria's defenses against the antibiotics will build up again.

5.Cool it down in the bedroom

When you have UTI,it's best to lay low on the bedroom action,i. e stop having sex,whether oral or anal.
'Most women with symptomatic UTIs avoid sexual activity because it is too uncomfortable, it can therefore push bacteria from the vagina back into the bladder,causing a new infection.Never clean up yourself from back to front,start at the vagina region and clean up to the anus.
If you do happen to have sex while recovering from UTI,make sure to pee afterwards,as this flushes out all the bacteria that could have accumulated during intercourse and can help prevent the UTI from coming back.

6.Don't hold your pee in

The UTI will make you feel the urge to pee more often,and it's best if you listen to your body.If you hold it in,this will make the recovery longer and set you up for some more serious health issue.