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Get a Copy of INCARNATION, a collection of Christmas poems for kids

Still in the spirit of Christmas, this collection of short poems for kids sells for #500 ONLY. Beyond the lights, trees, and merriment, it will teach our kids love, kindness, compassion beyond flowery words, and the very essence of Christmas. It's a collection for all times, seasons, and days, as I believe Christmas is everyday for the Christian. Every day, we must never forget that God's love is the reason for the incarnation, and that God's love is the foundation upon which redemption was built.

It's INCARNATION, folks. Let us celebrate this blessing with this book. #500 ONLY; reach me today!


“In this precious and meaningful collection of Christmas-time poems for children, Kolawole Samuel Adebayo takes us on a joyous romp to remember the true meaning of Christmas. His short and simple poems for children remind us as humans, young and old alike, how much God loves us— not only on December 25, but all year long. Adebayo writes: “Christmas is a time to remind ourselves of the love of God,” in his poem “No Race Unworthy of Love”, and this small but potent chapbook reminds us of just that: God loves us. This humble yet powerful collection, “Incarnation”, is a triumph of blessing and joy. While it is simple and kind in its message for children, it also touches on the important lessons God teaches us, His children, regarding religious and racial differences and the struggles which exist between people. In the final poem, “God Has No Colour But Love”, he writes: “God’s colour does not wear that senseless name of discrimination/ Because God has no colour but love.” And that is the takeaway, we, and all our children should hold closely in our hearts. This work is a gift to our children, our society, and the human race: all of us, all colours, religions and ethnicities, as we are reminded by Adebayo that we are all loved and accepted in God’s open arms.” 

Elisabeth Horan, MA, MFA
Faculty, River Valley College, New Hampshire, USA
Editor Anti-Heroin Chic
Editor Animal Heart Press
Pensacola Girls, December, 2018, Bone & Ink Press


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Kolawole Samuel Adebayo , winner of the Brigitte Poirson Poetry Contest (April 2017 Edition), is an old soul in a young Nigerian body whose poetry borders around a diverse spectrum of subjects . He seeks to awaken the consciousness of men in his poems which often talk about humanity, the dynamics of love, God and his personality, atheism, theism, social justice, societal egalitarianism, the body, peace, death, life, and the reality.

His works have appeared or forthcoming on Glass Poetry, Anti-Heroin Chic magazine, Tuck Magazine, PAROUSA Magazine, Black Pride Magazine, WRR, BPPC Anthology, and elsewhere.

Whenever he is not writing poetry, he is either preaching or meditating . You can connect with him on his Twitter handle, @samofthevoice , or any of his two Instagram handles: @worshipholik and @samofthevoice.