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Why I Cannot Honour Your Church Invitation | Olakunle Allison Writes

by Olakunle Allison

My mum has been appealing to me for a while to start going back to church. She knows her son still loves God. She sees the signs in my ways and character, but she also knows I have issues with the Church in Nigeiria. So she'd say; 

"Kunle, try and be going to church and pray to your God. Ignore all the nonsense some pastors do and focus on your God". 

My sweet mother. She has a pure heart. But what she doesn't understand is that I cannot pray to God in our Pentecostal churches because I no longer believe God is in them. That's precisely how I feel. God cannot possibly be in these places, and I will show you why. 

Let's be candid, would Jesus Christ walk into any of our modern-day Pentecostal/Evangelical churches today and feel at home? If Christ would not feel at home in His Father's House or any house, no Christian should. 

I cannot (and Jesus Christ cannot) comfortably sit in a church building for 2 minutes without getting incensed if; 
  • There is a VIP Car Park,
  • There are VIP Seats,
  • The Pastors' front row seats are leather while the congregation's are wooden or plastic, 
  • The Pastor's Seat and his wife's are gold plated or elevated above the rest of the congregation,
  • In the church premises, there is a mini-market where coconut oil, special handkerchiefs, pastor's books, church stickers for cars and doors etc are up for sale,
  • The first person to grab the mic says; 'The loudest hallelujah will see 2019' (I guess all deaf and dumb people can go and die),
  • The choir leads upbeat praise songs and starts dancing 'shaku shaku' and giving god 'legover', 
  • The pastor handles the mic and threatens everybody who doesn't tithe faithfully with a curse, and then tells everyone he doesn't need their money because he is "dangerously wealthy",
And then half of the prayer session of the day is against enemies home and abroad... 

I know for sure that I'd not spend up to 2 minutes in such a gathering before losing my cool. Why then should I punish myself by going to such gatherings? 

I can confidently say that Jesus would not be impressed either, to put it mildly. He might not stay longer than 2 minutes also. He might even not recognize His Church anymore. 

So, inasmuch as I appreciate my mum's heart and intentions, which are good, I fault her premise that God is in these places. 

God cannot be in such places where Special Treatment, Class Treatment, Merchandising, Mass Manipulation through Fear, Carnality Disguised as Praise, Threats and Full Blown Hatred towards People are at the top of the menu. He is holy and dwells in holiness. If God stayed in that environment for a longer period of time, perhaps He has a mission and that mission cannot be good. It's called Judgement. 

Aren't we all mad?! Everybody head no correct. 

You have VIPs in God's presence?!!!

Everyone has gone mad! 

As a (foolish) manner of speaking, I have more 'God' in my kitchen than in these churches combined 

I want to walk into a Believer's gathering and not know the difference between the lead pastor and the lowliest member. That's the Church of Christ because in Heaven that's exactly what you'd see. No status, no class, no preferential or VIP treatment, no manipulation or programming for responses etc. 

What we have all around us are not the Body of Christ. We've not even scratched the surface. But again, many of you wouldn't get it now. You may revisit my timeline in 30 years when your foolishness is cured. I have hope it will be cured one day.