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New Book Alert: the impediment by Onatola Abiodun

The Impediment is a tragic prose fiction focusing on the societal ills and the incessant violence, killings and destruction of properties most especially in the Northern parts of Nigeria by the Boko Haram insurgence.

According to the editor, Taiyewo Fawole,

"THE IMPEDIMENT, like every other good prose fictions, has identified some ills in the society, but in this case, the Nigerian society; and the author has carefully unravelled these ills which are not far from our knowledge. In addition to the revelation of some societal ills that have pervaded this society, the author has likewise been able to weave, like a master at his enterprise, some themes into the basket of the story of the book. He has articulately placed his apprehension of the themes into unpuzzled words for an easy digestion of the message."

The Impediment by Onatola Abiodun is the latest book off ACEworld's Publication Series following the recent 'I found love after marriage' by Ajenifuja Damilola (Prose) and 'Flames of love' by Olaniyi Ololade Moses (Poetry).

Title: the impediment
Author: Onatola Abiodun
Genre: Prose fiction
Date of release: 14th may, 2019
Publisher: ACEworld Publishers
Price: #500


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