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Ramadan Poem | Day 1: Faith by Zulikha Idris Babalola

Say, the clouded oceans in squares and rings
Say, the hum of Tao -that unimaginable kinda sound
Say, the boiling river sitting in the Amazon
Say, the awesome reefs magnifying the coral sea

Say, the Movile cave surviving on atmospheric toxins
Say, the splitting sun, or was it the moon?
Say, the cherry that survived on a mulberry
Say, the aurora of the solar winds

Say, the races of the heads and the tails
Say, the everest peg holding the earth at bay
Say, the unlettered most influential shephard
Say, the standing unchallenged miracle ever heard

Say, the conjoined- diverse cohabitating waters
Say, the fierce furnace borne out of chilling ice
Say, the devils kettle disappearing into nothingness
Say, the lush vastness of the seen and unseen

Say me
Say you
Say believe
Say Faith - Faith in the one true God.

©Zulikha Idris Babalola