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Ramadan Poem | Day 10: Modesty by Zulikha Idris Babalola



Know that what I speak to you regarding your modesty goes beyond what you see

Is not just about your chastity
And obviously not about what you see in the magazines

It doesn't stop at trying to appear responsible
To those out there who care about your outlook

It's not just about lowering your gaze
So they could tell that you're shy and chaste

It goes beyond looking plain- being different from those who dress insane


Your modesty is also about what and how you speak

It's about being soft at heart in actions and speech

It's about not talking at all when there's no need for it

It's about saying the truth regardless of how bad it feels.

Hear me O Zulikha,

Your modesty entails your earnings and your spendings

Yes, it's your savings but
You don't have to go wasting

Stay away from luxuries that can be done away with

And that is good for you if only you knew it.

by Zulikha Idris Babalola