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Ramadan Poem | Day 3: Moderate The Fast-Things by Zulikha Idris Babalola

The scars of the sores when we fall in love

The clash of the rides when we get on the fast tracks

The vigor we thought of the liquor and then the bad picture

The flings as we hit and then the big bills

The fame we claim as we tame the game - I blamed it on cheating - He said "babe, it's just winnings"

The feel of joy as we fill the toys - with strength we thought was ours yet lot's left uncovered

Cloaked in sheaths... As nice as bull shit

Man to man appears like showdown of strenght
Alas! It's actually that of sex to sex

All hail world's fast things
Oh! Hey! We're fasting.

©Zulikha Idris Babalola