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Ramadan Poem | Day 9: Lover's Call by Onafowokan Taofeek Busayo

Lover's Call

When the terrain of the skins
Spread under the nose of the sky
I want to leave this rhyming world of vanity
But i sent a coded message to friends and foes
Maybe I may found one or two strings of hope
That may beheaded the life I sought aftermaths.

I am still wondering on the cradle my mother left me,
Not too long my breath was shafted into a burrow of dream
Two men appeared like angels:

One telling me the future is near at the tip of my lips
But If my body should rest its spine quickly
On the canal of this path
Whether I am old or young
For future doesn't count in age nor in number
But counts the continuous times
I surround my soul with fluids and flowing blood.

The other man wore the body of pink eyes, black belly, white face
Telling me the path to this journey is a waste of thoughts
I heard him saying; go now into the passage of the door
Where bodies are meant to stay till the end of time.

I was about to sought the baton of the latter
When a voice called from above-
Saying: Aya alali solah(Come to prayer)
Rhyming: Aya alali falah( come to succeed)
Now I know; when stripped the total body of life,
Pleasure is in it... Who finds solace in Allah.

by Onafowokan Taofeek Busayo